Want to get involved with the 2023 National Youth Science Camp? Whether you’re looking for a one-time commitment or multiple opportunities to interact with delegates, please complete a Presenter Profile Submission and then the 2023 NYSCamp Presentation Proposal to get started! The NYSFoundation invites qualified STEM professionals to submit interest to present at the NYSCamp.

Because the NYSFoundation covers all student participant expenses, we host quite a diverse group. The students are enthusiastic and curious in general. They seem to appreciate an environment where they find, often for the first time, substantial peer support for their interest in STEM fields. They enjoy the attention of STEM professionals and staff members who provide the intellectual nurturing they have craved, but not often received; excellence is cool and inquisitive minds are normal. The atmosphere is relaxed and offers a beautiful retreat from the demands of everyday life.

The NYSFoundation plans carefully to meet basic program needs and ensure that the programs are offered free of cost to the students; therefore, we cannot offer honorariums. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Brian Kinghorn by emailing director@nyscamp.org.

All presentations will take place in interactive zoom meetings. You may propose programming in any of the following formats:

  • Lectures: Twice a day during camp, we will host a keynote lecture. These will be one-hour-long interactive meetings with the entire camp delegation invited to attend. . Additionally, since the lecture spots are so limited, we will not be scheduling any 2022 lecturers as 2023 lecturers. We do, however, encourage 2022 lecturers to propose their lecture as a directed study for 2023.
  • Seminars: These 60-90 minute single sessions are more informal than other talks, but a key aspect of seminars is the interactive nature that includes presenters engaging with the delegates rather than simply presenting to them.
  • Directed Study: A Directed Study is similar to a Seminar: it lasts 60 to 90 minutes for three continuous days. During the study, the presenter provides a model and a close guiding hand through an inquiry/exploration and a minds-on approach to learning; the participants should be able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions.
  • Virtual Tours: Past virtual camps have included virtual tours of the Green Bank Observatory and the National Gallery of Art. If you would like to host a 60-minute virtual tour, we’d love to consider it. If at all possible, we invite virtual tour guides to offer their tours on at least two different days and times to accommodate as many delegates as possible.
  • Panel Discussions: Each year at camp, the AAAS hosts a panel on science policy. We’re open to additional panel discussions that bring experts in a field of study together to briefly introduce themselves and their research/experiences and then open the floor to questions from delegates.
  • Special Events: Each year at camp, we provide some special surprise events for delegates. Virtually, these have usually involved musical performances.


Presenters must adhere to NYSFoundation policies and procedures. These include:


  • Presenters must agree not to use any human (delegate, student, staff member, or guest) as an anatomical model under any circumstance.
  • Presenters must agree not to use personal characteristics to denigrate any individual.
  • Presenters must agree to not use inappropriate language.

Submit a Proposal

If you wish to submit multiple proposals, please submit a Presenter Propsal form once per proposal. Please complete a Presenter Profile Submission and then the 2023 NYSCamp Presenter Propsal, if you are interested in getting involved with the 2023 National Youth Science Camp.