We have not finalized the dates of the 2023 National Youth Science Camp. Please come back for more information.


To apply to the National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp) please complete an application at apply.nyscamp.org and direct any questions to your State Selection Coordinator. International applicants, please apply by contacting your State Department Contact. Delegates will be expected to commit to attending camp and fill out delegate paperwork by June 1, 2023, or their spot may be given to an alternate from their state or another state.

Delegate Participation

Formal NYSCamp programming and activities will be scheduled on weekdays between 8AM and 11PM EDT. Delegates will be encouraged to disconnect and spend time with family and friends on the weekends. Participation will be mandatory at the opening and closing ceremonies of camp on the evenings of Monday, June 27th and Wednesday, July 20th. We also hope that delegates will prioritize attending the nightly keynote lectures and evening hangouts (see camp schedule below) as they plan their camp schedules.

Since selection to attend camp is a very competitive process with only two delegates guaranteed a spot from each state or nation, we expect NYSCamp delegates to regularly engage in camp activities for the duration of camp. At past virtual camps, most delegates spent an average of 4 hours per day engaged in camp activities. Many delegates had the time and desire to do much more. From experience we can say that the more effort delegates put into their NYSCamp experience, the more they will get out of their NYSCamp experience.

We recognize that many delegates will want or need to hold part-time jobs, participate in part-time internships, or take short trips with family or friends during the 3.5 weeks of camp. Within reason, the virtual NYSCamp experience is designed to allow delegates to work around these other commitments and still participate meaningfully at camp. Additionally, because the camp is virtual, delegates will be able to tune in remotely from practically anywhere. 

Delegates will also have the opportunity, if they desire, to propose, plan, and present their own session during the final three days of camp. These presentations can be listed on a delegate’s resume as a conference presentation.


A centerpiece and highlight of the virtual NYSCamp is the evening keynote lecture series presented at 8PM EDT each weeknight. These world-class lectures are presented by prestigious and up-and-coming STEM professionals who are making a difference in their fields of study and changing the world for good. Immediately after each lecture, delegates interested in learning more will have the opportunity to join the lecturer for a 30-minute interactive Q&A session.  Multiple informal evening hangouts will be offered at 9:30 PM each weeknight. These will include opportunities for delegates to engage with others to reflect on the day, learn new skills, learn about one another, prepare for college or careers, discuss engaging topics and compelling questions, play icebreaker games, attend live virtual concerts, and interact with NYSCamp alumni.

Other programming at camp will allow delegates to delve deeper into STEM topics with experts and knowledgeable enthusiasts in multi-day mini-courses (directed studies) or interactive 60-90 minute seminars, take virtual tours of facilities like the Green Bank Observatory and National Gallery of Art, learn new hobbies and skills, and engage with camp staph* in program areas that will range from practicing languages, yoga, or mindfulness, playing virtual games, discussing compelling topics, making art or music, or learning outdoor skills.


To better accommodate delegates’ varied schedules and needs to work around employment, family responsibilities, and other commitments, delegates will be able to begin signing up for programming up to two weeks before camp begins. Most sessions will have no caps for enrollment, and delegates will be able to sign up for as many sessions throughout each day of camp as their personal schedules and interests will allow. Directed studies will initially have limited sign-ups to ensure that each delegate has an opportunity to participate in at least two directed studies. Evening lectures and blocked-out time to attend an evening hangout will be automatically added to all delegates’ daily schedules.

Technology Requirements

The camp schedule and signups will be facilitated through SCHED or a similar platform. Delegates will receive daily emails with their schedules and general camp announcements. Social interactions will be facilitated on a camp Discord server which delegates will be able to join up to two weeks prior to camp. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Unlike many virtual conferences where the lectures and sessions are live-streamed without opportunities for participants to interact with the presenters, NYSCamp sessions will be interactive, allowing delegates to engage with speakers and presenters and ask questions.

  • 20210714 AAAS STEM Policy Panel with delegates
  • 20210721 Josh Stevens plays Ashoken Farewell for delegates
  • 20210630 Brian Thornber teaches about inventing on a budget