Letter from Lauren Ficek, MT 2014

Lauren Ficek, MT 2014

Dear Trustees,

I had the privilege of representing Montana at the National Youth Science Camp this summer. I would like to express my enormous gratitude for your continuation of this summer camp. During the three and a half weeks I was at NYSC, I had the opportunity to listen some phenomenal lecturers provide new insight into familiar topics or supply ideas that I had never entertained before, ranging from thermonuclear fusion to developing a hospital in the Solomon Islands. Through directed studies, I learned the physics of a flying disc, the basics of the computer Arduino, and even created an electricity-generating photo cell! I was also able to participate in a variety of informal seminars, through which I learned about other scientific ideas, languages, and cultures, all of which were incredibly eye-opening and interesting to explore.

In addition, I greatly enjoy spending time outdoors, so the outdoor program of this camp was of great importance to me. I not only got to share my past outdoor experiences with others, I could try new activities such as caving and rock climbing with people from all around the Western Hemisphere. I look forward to the chance of visiting the beautiful rolling hills of West Virginia again and exploring all the places I did not experience while at NYSC!

Through the National Youth Science Camp, I have realized how much there is to learn from the world and other people and how much we as a human species have yet to discover. I look forward to what I can contribute to science in the future, and I thank you and the National Youth Science Foundation for this opportunity that has allowed me to explore science in ways I could not without science camp. I hope one day to return as staph and influence delegates for science, once again taking part in the magic that is the National Youth Science Camp!


Lauren Ficek, MT 2014

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