Letter from Deianeira Caudle, WA 2014

Dei Caudle, WA 2014

Dear Trustees,

I would like to extend to you my thanks for your generous and continued support of the National Youth Science Camp. As one of the two delegates from Washington state, I have just recently returned from NYSC and I can honestly say that attending the camp has been one of the best experiences of my life.

The academic opportunities presented to me at camp are unparalleled. I got to interact with some of the most brilliant minds on the forefront of scientific discovery and learn about new ways to apply science to diverse situations. Before camp, I had thought that science was limited to lab work and running committees, but I left camp with broadened horizons as I realized just how large the field of science can be.

At NYSC I learned so much, but not just about science I had some truly unique opportunities and I learned to embody the camp motto “carpe diem.” Through adventures like making new friends, international ones included, rock climbing, backpacking to remote locations, eating wild blueberries on a Civil War battlefield, and visiting our nation’s capitol I gained new respect for nature, other cultures, and myself. I had my ideas and values challenged and I did some challenging. All in all, I feel that camped has helped me to become a more open, well-rounded person and has given me 150 new family members around the globe.

The National Youth Science Camp is an essential part of this nation’s effort to further science and STEM education. It challenges students to grow both academically and socially and provides a support network for the youth that will continue to thrive long after they have gone back to their respective homes. It brings people from all walks of life together and unites them over one common dream, to change the world through science. I thank you for your part I’m making sure that this wonderful, unique, and invaluable experience was available to me and continues to be available to the generations to come.


Deianeira Caudle, WA 2014

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