Part-time Staff Positions

Director of the National Youth Science Camp

The National Youth Science Foundation seeks applications for the part-time position of Director of the National Youth Science Camp.

Application Requirements: To apply, please submit the following as separate documents in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format via E-mail to

Position Description

General Summary: The Director has primary responsibility and authority to plan and conduct the NYSF’s flagship program, the National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp), at the National Youth Science Center (NYSCenter) in Davis, West Virginia. The NYSCamp is an annual program that honors approximately 120 recently graduated students (age 16-18) with two students representing each US state, Washington, DC, and others from around the world. This part-time position extends throughout the year with 24/7 in residence responsibilities for approximately 8 weeks while the program is in preparation and in session during the summer. Additionally, the Director supports an exemplary stewardship program that continues relation-building with all NYSF stakeholders, including current participants, alumni, donors and potential donors, and others who have the potential to provide support to the NYSF.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: