NYSCamp Staph Positions

The following position descriptions should be considered as a general guide to position responsibilities. Specific duties and responsibilities are subject to modification. Additional positions may be created and some positions may not be filled. Please direct questions to staphapplication@nysf.com.

Office Staph

Assistant Directors: These positions will serve in a leadership role and work closely with the Director to plan and organize camp activities and Staph development.  Tasks may include planning and directing pre-camp staph development, answering questions in the Director’s absence, problem solving, and monitoring staph performance throughout camp. Assistant Directors are ideally available to arrive in West Virginia by the time Outdoor Staph arrive or sooner. Assistant Directors are required to be available during NYSCamp Pre-Camp and Post-Camp. If you are interested in filling this leadership role and feel you have the qualifications please indicate so in your narrative. Must be at least 21+ and have a valid Vehicle Operator License to operate NYSF Vehicles. Assistant directors may have opportunities to begin work early and work remotely with a negotiated pre-camp pay schedule.

Assistant Director – Operations: The Assistant Director – Operations has responsibilities coordinating the movements of delegates and staff in an out of camp.  This person also plans and executes the special events of camp. He/she coordinates both the creative aspects and the logistics of each event. These events may include the Independence Day celebration, Concert, the Laura Dill Dinner Club, excursion on the Cass Scenic Railroad, and other events.  The Assistant Director – Operations will also work closely with the outdoor staff to coordinate the outdoor program with other aspects of the camp. The Assistant Director – Operations has responsibilities in supporting the Director with coordinating the migration of NYSCamp activities to and from Charleston, establishing laundry services, coordinating the outdoor program with other aspects of the camp, maintaining the soft drink vending machine, starting and ending services and utilities needed for the operation of the camp, coordinating vehicular and equipment acquisitions, serving as the camp liaison with the insurance companies regarding premiums, audits, and claims, etc.  He/she will also keep all financial records and work closely pre-camp and post-camp with the Director and possibly Executive Director and the Foundation’s staff about appropriate accounting procedures. Must be at least 21+ and have a valid Vehicle Operator License to operate NYSF Vehicles.

Assistant to the AD – Operations: This staff person will support the Assistant Director – Operations in some portion and/or all the above responsibilities.

Assistant Director – Programming: The Assistant Director – Programming has responsibilities coordinating and supporting the NYSCamp academic program. The primary duty is managing the details of hosting approximately 40+ guest scientists/presenters (and their guests – usually family) who will present lectures on their research or the role of science in society and up to an additional 30 scientists to work with small groups of delegates in the directed studies program. Other duties include: coordinating the travel arrangements and in-camp lodging for the guests, developing a daily schedule and working closely with the office manager to ensure that it is distributed, handling travel reimbursements for the guests, and working closely with the public information coordinator to publicize the NYSCamp’s academic program. Must be at least 21+ and have a valid Vehicle Operator License to operate NYSF Vehicles.

Assistant to the AD – Programming: This staff person works closely with the Assistant Director – Programming, computer facilitator, and AV technician to help prepare for the in-camp programming.  This staff person will meet with guest presenters and confirm all necessary equipment is available and functioning.

Office Manager:  This staff person coordinates a myriad of details to ensure that the program runs efficiently.  The office manager must be able to organize large volumes of information and answer a variety of delegate questions.  Good communication and computer skills are very helpful for this job. Preferred at least 21+ and have a valid Vehicle Operator License.

Assistant to the Office Manager:  This staff person assists the office manager with traditional office work and maintains the inventory, sales and promotion of the Camp Store. Good organization, communication, and computer knowledge are very helpful for this job.

Transportation Aide: This staff person assists the office staff by transporting guests, making mail runs, and running errands outside camp. Must be at least 21+ and have a valid Vehicle Operator License to operate NYSF Vehicles.

Program Staph

Food Services Supervisor: This staff person is responsible for hiring and supervising the kitchen staff, and coordinates the purchase and preparation of food for staff, delegates, and guests throughout the six-week camp period. He/she plans well-balanced menus that reflect the attitudes of a health-conscious community, schedules the working hours and duties of the kitchen staff, and maintains financial records within the allotted budgeted expenditures. He/she works closely with the assistant director of operations and the outdoor program coordinator regarding the meals served throughout camp.

Camp Physician/Nurse/Paramedic: This staff person provides basic first aid instruction to the staff, administers first aid to the staff and delegates as needed, and accompanies those who need to visit a health care provider. Appropriate credentials are required.

Program Area Coordinators: These staff members require a demonstration of professional expertise in the appropriate academic disciplines. Each program area coordinator presents an enjoyable program including several hands-on afternoon seminars to educate or enrich NYSCamp participants and support guest presenters provide directed studies. Some advanced planning is required. A modest amount of financial support is available for each program area. Applicants who have completed appropriate college degrees (or equivalent training/experience) are strongly desired.

Program Area Assistants : Because each of the program areas involves extensive educational programming for the delegates, each coordinator may have an assistant who is assigned to the area. Assistants work closely with coordinators to manage the program areas.

Unit Leaders (4 positions): These staff members nurture the personal development of the delegates and help them get the most out of the opportunities at NYSCamp. This is accomplished by establishing an environment in the cabin that encourages discussion, self-exploration, and formation of friendships.  The Unit Leaders work closely with the head counselor and plan and direct the nightly cabin meeting.  Unit leaders usually work in another part of the camp programming. If you apply for a position as a unit leader, please indicate a second area of responsibility that you would consider.

Public Information Coordinator: This staff person works closely with the Director, Executive Director, and other Foundation personnel to publicize the events of the programs. He/she writes press releases for the delegates and presenters and manages the distribution of these releases to the media. In cooperation with the photography staff, the PI coordinator ensures that candid photographs are taken of all delegates and presenters. Strong management, communication, and word processing skills are necessary.

Photographer/Videographer: This staff person uses digital imaging to publicize and chronicle the events of the camp. Working closely with the PI coordinator, the photo coordinator determines the photographs needed to accomplish this task. He/she produces a multimedia presentation that is shown at the end of camp banquet. The photography coordinator shoots and processes the necessary digital pictures. The photography coordinator will provide, use, and maintain his/her own digital photography equipment (obtaining private insurance is recommended). An Apple Macintosh computer with Apple Aperture is supplied and will be used to manage the digital image resources.

Assistant Photographer/Videographer/Public Information: This staff member provides support for the Public Information Coordinator and the Photographer/Videographer.

Digital Media Coordinator: This staff person is responsible for producing the web-based yearbook of the NYSCamp including digital pictures, video clips, and other documentation of this year’s NYSC. The digital media coordinator is responsible for managing the camp’s digital cameras for check-out and maintains the collection of digital images contributed by staff or delegates. Previous multimedia experience is required; experience working with Adobe Lightroom and Dreamweaver is preferred.

Audio/Visual Technician / Videographer: This staff member works closely with the Assistant Director – Programming to ensure that the AV needs of lecturers, directed studies presenters, and seminar presenters are met. This person will also play an important role in many of the special events. He/she needs to have a working knowledge of common AV equipment and the ability to operate and maintain the sound systems that we use at camp. Also, this position is responsible for video recording set up and operation for lectures, special events and other activities as determined.

Recreation Coordinator/Assistant: These staff members plan and coordinate the in-camp recreation program including the morning and afternoon activities. Responsibilities include scheduling and insuring adequate supervision of recreational activities. Staff experience and interests determine the menu of activities each summer.  Typical examples include running, yoga, Pilates, soccer, Ultimate, volleyball, and bocce.

Outdoor Staph
The following positions require demonstration of outdoor expertise in the field of backpacking, rock climbing, caving, and/or mountain biking. Personnel who can uphold the highest standards of safety, who have a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment, and who have appropriate organizational and outdoor skills are needed for these positions.

Outdoor Coordinator/Assistant:  These staff members plan and coordinate all backpacking, rock climbing, caving, and kayaking trips. Responsibilities include supervision of food purchase, equipment maintenance and distribution, transportation, and staffing.  Strong organizational skills are required.  For each overnighter or day trip, the outdoor coordinator and assistant assign delegates to trips and verify that each delegate has the appropriate parental permissions and medical information. In addition, they develop and maintain current maps and descriptions of the trails (including camping areas and emergency evacuation routes) and provide the office with a complete list of the staff members and delegates who are out of camp on each trip. These individuals are also responsible for providing in-camp safety and equipment training for staff, delegates, and guests.

Climbing Coordinator/Assistant: These staff members are responsible for the safe operation of the rock-climbing portion of the outdoor program and must have appropriate climbing experience and the ability to safely use and maintain all camp climbing equipment. Relevant outdoor certifications are strongly encouraged, as new climbing management practices are implemented in the Seneca Rocks/Spruce Knob/Nelson Rocks recreation area. The climbing staff at camp offers several day trips in addition to the three overnight trips. Climbing Coordinator must hold at least Single Pitch Instructor certification from the American Mountain Guides Association (the NYSF can help coordinate receiving the necessary training and certification).

Caving Coordinator/Assistant: These staff members are responsible for the safe operation of the caving portion of the outdoor program and must have appropriate caving experience and the ability to safely use and maintain all camp caving equipment. The caving staff at camp also offers several day trips in addition to the overnight trips.

Mountain Biking Leader/Assistant: These staff members are responsible for the safe operation of the mountain biking program. They must have appropriate mountain biking experience and the ability to safely use and maintain the bikes. These staff members provide the delegates with day trips and at least one overnight mountain biking experience in the vicinity of camp.