Full-time Staff Positions

Director of STEM Programs

The National Youth Science Foundation seeks applications for the full-time position of Director of STEM Programs.

Application Requirements: To apply, please submit the following as separate documents in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format via E-mail to director.stem.programs@nysf.com.

Position Description

Revision:                              June 25, 2019

Position:                              Director of STEM Programs

Reporting Relationship:    Executive Director

Classification:                     Full-time, exempt

Primary Work Location:    National Youth Science Center (NYSCenter), Davis, WV

General Summary:

The Director of STEM Programs is responsible for planning, organizing, marketing, promoting, and directing STEM Exploration (see footnote 1 below) and STEM Academy (see footnote 2 below) sessions conducted by the National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF) at its National Youth Science Center (NYSCenter) and other locations. The Director advocates for informal STEM learning opportunities and supports the vision, strategy, and program plan of the NYSF. The Director works with school officials to facilitate integration of STEM programs with published curricula and support field trips to the NYSCenter. The Director oversees the development and administration of the NYSCenter’s educational spaces which include various makerspaces, a computer teaching hall, a presentation hall, an environmental science laboratory, and an outdoor outfitting center. The Director works collaboratively with other NYSF staff to promote the mission of the organization and to facilitate program funding.

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. STEM Exploration: a two-day (weekend) program for groups of 12 students and 2 teachers. This program may include field trips, makerspace/technology activities, or introductions to STEM research. Specific content varies and may be customized to students’ and teachers’ needs.
  2. STEM Academy:  a week-long program that can either be conducted as a day camp or a residential camp and may include outdoor recreation opportunities and special events. The STEM Academy incorporates many aspects of the NYSCamp-model and is supported by tuition, fees, or sponsorships.