YSDE Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Youth Science Discovery Experience?

YSDE is open to high school students, science/math teachers, pre-service teachers, and others with background in science and experiential education.  Applicants may apply as a team or as individuals.  Be sure to indicate this on your application.  Application and program information is available at http://www.nysf.com/w/programs/ysde/spring-2013-ysde-applications/.

How much does it cost to attend?

YSDE is offered to its students free of cost. Participants are only responsible for arranging their transportation to and from Davis.  Staff positions include five research mentors, an operations coordinator, and outdoor/activities coordinator, and two program assistants.   The staff will work together to provide academic, residential, and program leadership and will receive a stipend for their services.  The National Youth Science Foundation will operate the fall 2012 YSDE through a partnership with the Canaan Valley Institute with a grant from the WV Department of Education and the Arts.

How is YSDE organized?

A full YSDE cohort includes five teams, each working on a different research project.  Each team consists of about 8 students and one teacher.  A scientist works with each group to introduce the research project and provide technical guidance throughout the program.  Teams may apply all together as a unit, or individuals may apply alone and be placed in teams.  Team applicants with fewer than eight students may be augmented with individual applicants to fill out program capacity.

Participants come together as a full cohort for two 5-day sessions during the spring semester:

Where is YSDE held?

Academic activities are held at the Canaan Valley Institute.  Lodging is provided off-site in Davis, and a daily shuttle is provided.

What kind of activities will be available at YSDE?

Other than the educational opportunities available through YDSE, there is a range of fun, educational, and exciting activities available. The Canaan Valley Institute is located in a rich natural environment with 12 miles of spectacular trails and connections to trails on neighboring lands.  Additionally, there are typically several daily opportunities to engage in fun seminars, games and puzzles.

What kind of research will I be doing at YSDE?

The research project is the focal point of the YSDE program model. Each team
works on a unique project throughout the program. The  scientist provides guidance and technical assistance, but the team ultimately makes its own decisions on project strategies and conducts its own research.  Just a few examples from past cohorts include:

I can’t wait to apply, but I procrastinate.  When are applications due?

Application review begins February 15th.  Applications received after that will be reviewed as space is available.

How can I find out more about the Youth Science Discovery  program?

Contact us with any questions you have about the YSDE.

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