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Students who are interested in applying to attend a National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF) program should go to the following web pages for more information or to apply:


The National Youth Science Foundation operates unique, residential summer science programs in West Virginia. Plans for 2019 include:

To this end, the NYSF invites qualified STEM professionals to submit interest to present a lecture, conduct a directed study, or lead a directed overnighter at the NYSCamp.

Submit Interest to Present at the 2019 NYSCamp

Because the NYSF covers all student participant expenses including travel, we host quite a diverse group. The students are enthusiastic and curious in general. They seem to appreciate an environment where they find, often for the first time, substantial peer support for their interest in STEM fields. They enjoy the attention of STEM professionals and staff members who provide the intellectual nurturing they have craved, but not often received; excellence is cool and inquisitive minds are normal. The atmosphere is relaxed and offers a beautiful retreat from the demands of everyday life. The NYSF plans carefully to meet basic program needs and ensure that the programs are offered free of cost to the students; therefore, we cannot offer honorariums. We do, however, reimburse for travel expenses, provide local accommodations, and provide meals on site. If you are interested in participating in any program or have questions specific to the NYSCamp, please complete this online form. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Andrew N. Blackwood by E-mail message to or by calling 304-205-9724 x 91.


Presenters must adhere to NYSF policies and procedures. These include:

Lectures, Directed Studies, and Directed Overnighters

Lecture is a 50 to 75-minute presentation (including Q&A) with the whole NYSCamp delegation in attendance. Invited lectures should expect to speak on a relevant STEM topic.

Directed Study is a hands-on, interactive small group experience (usually 8-12 students). It lasts 60 to 75 minutes on each of three consecutive days. During the study, the presenter provides a model and a close guiding hand; the participants should be able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions. Field trips to local sites are feasible.

Directed Overnighter is a small group interactive experience that includes a field study and overnight experience (usually camp). Based on the directed study model, the directed overnighter provides unique opportunities to experience STEM activities outside the traditional classroom. Directed Overnighters may be held at the National Youth Science Center (follow this link to learn about the capabilities and resources available at the NYSCenter).

Frequently Asked Questions

2019 NYSCamp Calendar Highlights (dates/times are tentative except for Delegate Fly-In and Fly-Out)

Current NYSCamp Program Schedule – updated on November 26, 2018


Date Time Lecturer and Title
6/28 7:00 PM Martha Wehrle Opening Lecture – Open
6/29 9:15 AM Dr. Tom Fleming
Platonic Solids and Euler Characteristic
6/29 8:00 PM Dr. Jessica Frey
6/30 9:15 AM Mr. Nick Ohi
6/30 8:00 PM Dr. Charles Clevenger
Cancer Therapy
7/1 9:15 AM Mr. Will Dickson
Product Development
7/1 8:00 PM Dr. Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton
7/3 8:00 PM Dr. Emily Jacobs
7/4 9:15 AM Dr. Amy Richmond
7/4 8:00 PM Dr. M. Andres Mostajo-Radji
7/5 9:15 AM Mr. Shiva Rajagopal
7/5 8:00 PM Dr. Sheila Stevens
Medical Devices
7/6 9:15 AM Mr. Russ Stevens
7/6 8:00 PM Mr. Giovanni Carosso
Brain Development
7/7 9:15 AM Dr. Emily Huang
Medical Decision Making
7/7 8:00 PM Dr. Julie Robinson
7/9 8:00 PM Open
7/10 9:15 AM Dr. M.R. “Mac” Louthan
Why Stuff Falls Apart
7/10 8:00 PM Dr. Alyson Wilson
Statistics and Big Science
7/11 9:15 AM Dr. Nate Cady
7/11 8:00 PM Dr. Kara Tinker
7/12 9:15 AM Dr. Daniel Cohan
Atmospheric Science
7/12 8:00 PM Open
7/14 8:00 PM Dr. Melanie Kitzan
Innovation and Tech Startups
7/15 8:00 PM Mr. Chuck Toussieng
Technology, Coding, Machine Learning,Etc.
7/16 8:00 PM Mr. David Masunaga

NYSCamp Directed Studies

NYSCamp Block 1: June 29 – July 1

Presenter Topic
1. Mr. Jeff Gilbert Renewable Energy
2. Mr. Nick Ohi Robotics
3. Dr. Charles Clevenger Modern Medicine
4. Dr. Tom Fleming Mathematics of Games
5. Mr. Will Dickson Product Development
6. Dr. Aaron Morris Entrepreneurship
7. Open  
8. Open  
9. Open  
10. OPEN  
 NYSCamp Program Staff  
 NYSCamp Outdoor Staff Caving, Mountain Biking, Climbing

 NYSCamp Directed Overnighter 1: July 2- July 3

Presenter Topic
1. Open  
2. Open  

NYSCamp Block 2: July 5 – July 7

Presenter Topic
1. Mr. Shiva Rajagopal Making Tiny Computer Systems
2. Dr. Amy Diduch Experimental Economics and Science Policy
3. Dr. Rebecca Linger Flavonoids in Medicinal Plants
4. Dr. M. Andres Mostajo-Radji  
5. Dr. Emily Huang Human Anatomy and Physiology
6. Dr. Jim Culberson Human Brain Anatomy
7. Mr. Giovanni Carosso Bioinformatics and Analysis of High-throughput Datasets
8. Open  
9. Open  
10. OPEN  
 NYSCamp Program Staff  
 NYSCamp Outdoor Staff Caving, Mountain Biking, Climbing

NYSCamp Directed Overnighter 2: July 8  – July 9 

Presenter Topic
1. Open  
2. Open  

NYSCamp Block 3: July  10 – July 12

Presenter Topic
1. Dr. Nate Cady Microbiology/Nanotechnology
2. Dr. Alyson Wilson Science and Science Policy
3. Ms. Arden Wells Hydrogeology
4. Open  
5. Open  
6. Open  
7. Open  
8. Open  
9. Open  
10. OPEN  
 NYSCamp Program Staff  
 NYSCamp Outdoor Staff Caving, Mountain Biking, Climbing

NYSCamp Directed Overnighter 3: July 13 – July 14

Presenter Topic
1. OPEN  
2. OPEN  

Typical NYSCamp Daily Schedule, subject to change based on days events/activities.

Time Event
7:00 AM Wake Up
7:10 Morning Activities: Frisbee, jog, walk, soccer, etc.
8:15 Assemble for Morning Show
8:20 Morning Show
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Lecture
10:45 Directed Studies
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 – 3:00 Seminar Block 1
3:30 – 5:00 Seminar Block 2
6:00 Dinner
8:00 Lecture
9:30 Snacks
10:00 Prepare for Cabin Time
10:30 Cabin Meetings
11:00 Lights Out


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