President Obama Recognizes NYSC Alumnus

President Obama Town Hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Usina del Arte, Weds. Mar. 23, 2016

President Obama said,

Gino Tubaro, 2013 NYSCamp Argentina

It’s where a young person can learn skills in the state of West Virginia in the United States, and put them to work right here in Argentina. So, Gino Tubaro, who’s here today — where’s Gino? Somewhere. (Applause.) There we go. All right, Gino. (Applause.)

So Gino is a great example. He was tinkering with 3D printing as a teenager when, through the U.S. Embassy, he participated in a National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia. Then he learned about the latest 3D printing technology. When he came home to Argentina, he co-founded a company that used these new skills to work. He received a request from a woman looking for a prosthetic hand for her young son, Felipe. And typically, those hands can costs tens of thousands of American dollars. Gino “printed” a new hand for Felipe for far less. Just a few weeks later, for the first time, Felipe could ride a bike, go fishing, do many of the things that normal children do. And since then, more than 1,000 Argentinians have signed up for Gino’s help.

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