2010 NYSC Farewell Banquet Remarks – Michael Lindeborg

How’s it going, NYSC!!!

About a week ago, I lay snuggled up with some of my fellow delegates upon a rocky precipice warding off the lurking beasts of the dark and discussing life in all of its different forms. And as I lay there, my body crooked along the rock formation that made Northfork all that it is, I looked up at the stars and thought about time in the grand scheme of things and how this moment I had would be one among the seemingly infinitely many of my life. I thought what could 3 ½ weeks mean in comparison to the months and years? What meaning does NYSC have in the grand scheme of life- in the matrix of time, 3 ½ weeks appears to be almost nothing. Then I realized, although we can’t control time, its passing is entirely subjective. Time, to me, is defined by the experiences that fill it, not by the ticking of the clock.

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Dr. Harlan Krumholz, NYSC OH 1976

Dr. Harlan Krumholz was a 1976 delegate to the National Youth Science Camp representing Ohio. He returned in 1977 as a member of the Staph. The Most Powerful Doctor You Never Heard Of Matthew Herper, Ideas & Opinions, Forbes Magazine, September 27, 2010 Doctors don’t know what they are doing wrong. A Yale cardiologist is…

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An NYSC Experience

Editor, The InterMountain: For three and a half weeks this summer, I attended the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) at Camp Pocahontas near Bartow. This was a life-changing experience for me. While at camp, I had the chance to meet many nationally renowned scientists, as well as make 130 new friends from across the United…

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2010 NYSC Farewell Banquet Remarks – Simone Dixon

The month we have spent together at camp is the first time I have been surrounded by a group of people like myself – a group of scientists. I was pleasantly surprised to find people who were authentic and creative, others who were artistic and musical, and more that were engaged and dedicated. I was…

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Jewel: Youth Science Camp

June 21, 2009 — The Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Out in California, the San Jose Business Journal printed profiles of “40 under 40” — bright young business stars of Silicon Valley. One was about Marissa Mayer, youthful vice president of the world’s foremost online search engine. It said she “heads the search division of…

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Science Camp was Great Experience

Editor, the Gazette: I would like to thank the people of West Virginia for their support of the National Youth Science Camp, which I attended this summer as a delegate from Tennessee. This life-changing experience is undoubtedly worth much greater attention than it receives. Every morning I woke up among the country’s – no, the…

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Science Camp was Stimulating

Editor, the Gazette: I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Youth Science Camp in Bartow as the Michigan delegate. From the moment I arrived to my plane ride home, I experienced the mixed emotions of happiness, curiosity, and sadness. Little did I expect to leave this three-week long camp closer to delegates from…

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Lab 304: WV Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science

By Mike Youngren for West Virginia Public Broadcasting Who says you never get anything from the government? If you’re from WV and you’re in the ninth grade and you have an interest and aptitude in science – you may be able to spend a couple of weeks each summer at Green Bank. The program is called…

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Breakthrough: Science Camp is World Class

From the Archives: June 30, 2004 Editorial, The Charleston Gazette For more than 40 years we have welcomed bright and curious young people from around the country and then wished them well as they set off for Bartow, home of the National Youth Science Camp. Two students from each state spend a week under clear Pocahontas County…

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