The NYSC Endowment Fund

Established in Memory of Isidore and Annie Adler


Isadore Adler

The NYSC Endowment Fund, created in honor of Dr. Isidore Adler and his wife Annie Adler, is dedicated to the operation of the National Youth Science Camp.

Annie Adler

The NYSF fund accepts cash, pledges, stocks or bonds, land, book royalty donations and other creative proposals. The principle of the fund is invested, and in time the interest will be drawn to aid in the operation of NYSC. To date, no interest nor principle has been tapped as the fund is in the development phase.

The Adler Fund Advisors acknowledge that the NOAA required that $500,000 be placed in escrow as a condition of the NYSCenter stewardship arrangement ($300,000 immediately, the remainder by 2018) and that this requirement placed a severe burden on the NYSF’s operational flexibility.  The Adler Fund Advisors have chosen to allow the Adler Fund to be designated as a major portion, and hopefully, by 2018, all of this escrow requirement.

You may see the full letter here: Adler Fund Letter – Signed_20160418

If you are interested in contributing to the NYSC Endowment Fund, you can do so here:

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