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The National Youth Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization (Federal Tax ID Number 55-0630700). Contributions made to the NYSF are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Contribute online by clicking the banner above or if you would prefer to offer your support by check, please mail it to:

National Youth Science Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 3387 Charleston, WV 25333-3387

Annual Fund – The Annual Fund supports general operating and program expenses.

  • $50 for 50 Campaign: A $50 donation (one dollar for each of the NYSC’s 50 years) provides critical support to the National Youth Science Camp. See
  • NYSC Lecture Sponsorships: Lecture sponsorships offset expenses related to the NYSC Lecture Series. See

Adler Fund – Named in honor of Dr. Isidore Adler and his wife Annie, this fund is dedicated to sustaining the operation of the National Youth Science Camp. Contributions in Memoriam – The NYSF accepts contributions made In Memoriam.

Gifts of Securities (Stock)

Contributions of appreciated publicly-traded securities held for more than 12 months can provide significant tax advantages over donating cash; ask your tax advisor for more information. Contributions can either be made to the National Youth Science Foundation or made to the NYSF and earmarked for the Adler Endowment Fund. To make a contribution of securities, please contact:

Mr. Jay Margolis
Wells Fargo Advisors
500 Lee Street East
Laidley Tower, Suite 1200
Charleston, WV 25301

(800) 325-8200 voice
(304) 341-3909 voice
(304) 342-8200 fax

Mr. Margolis has established an account at Wells Fargo (Account Number 6186-9064) to receive gifts to the NYSF. Please notify the NYSF directly with the specifics of your gift.

Thanks to our Sponsors (October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014)

Updated on August 24, 2014


State of West Virginia Elected Officials

  • Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor, State of West Virginia
  • Jeffery V. Kessler, West Virginia Senate President
  • Timothy R. Miley, WV Speaker of the House
  • Roman Prezioso, WV Senate Finance Committee Chair
  • Brent Boggs, WV House Finance Committee Chair

United States Congressional Delegation

  • Joe Manchin III, United States Senate
  • John D. Rockefeller IV, United States Senate
  • Shelly Moore Capito, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Nick Joe Rahall II, U.S. House of Representatives

United States Department of State

  • Mr. Curtis Huff, Program Officer, BECA
  • Embassies of the United States

West Virginia Department of Education

  • Dr. James B. Phares, former Superintendent of Schools
  • Ms. Robin Anglin

West Virginia Department of Education & the Arts

  • The Honorable Kay Goodwin, Cabinet Secretary
  • Ms. Sherry Keffer, Director, WV Governor’s Schools

Higher Education Policy Commission

  • Dr. Paul Hill, Jr., Chancellor

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

  • Dr. Karen O’Neil, Site Director, Green Bank, WV
  • Ms. Sue Ann Heatherly, Senior Education Officer

In-Kind Contributors

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • The American Physical Society
  • Canaan Valley Institute
  • Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge
  • Brad and Holly Harris
  • Monongahela National Forest
  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • Pocahontas County Schools
  • Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Charleston
  • The Smithsonian Institution
  • Rebecca Trafton
  • The University of Charleston
  • West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
  • West Virginia Wildwater Association


  • $50,000 or more
    • Anonymous
    • Daywood Foundation
  • $25,000 or more
    • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • $10,000 or more
    • Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation
    • Jeanne G. Hamilton and Lawson W. Hamilton Jr. Family Foundation
    • H. B. Wehrle Foundation
  • $5,000 or more
    • Herscher Foundation
    • Howard P. and Mary Needles McJunkin Foundation
    • The Segal & Davis Foundation
  • $1,000 or more
    • AIG
    • Alpha Natural Resources
    • Capital Group Companies
    • Dow Chemical Company
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Microsoft
    • Newmont Mining Corporation
    • Stanley Black & Decker Corporation
    • Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    • Martha Gaines and Russell Wehrle Foundation
    • Ruth E. Shepherd Trust
  • $500 or more
    • Black Swan Charitable Foundation
    • Boeing Company
    • Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing
    • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
    • The First State Bank
    • Hannah Engineering
    • Itron Giving Program
    • North American Rebuild Company
    • Cindi Padgett Foundation
    • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
    • Cecil I. Walker Machinery
    • West Virginia High Technology Consortium


$50,000 or more

  • Mr. Bill Conner (AR 1977)

$10,000 or more

  • Mr. Wesley Bush (WV 1979)
  • Ms. Semele Heller (PA 1986)
  • Charles and Mary Ellen Jones
  • Dr. D.B. “Zoon” Nguyen (WA 1979, Trustee)
  • Mr. L. Newton Thomas (Trustee)

$5,000 or more

  • Dr. George Bennett (Trustee)
  • Dr. Stephen Damiani (WI 1975)
  • Mr. Cuong Do (OK 1984)
  • Ms. Annia Laquis Koury

$1,000 or more

  • Mr. Steven Blasberg (CA 1968)
  • Ms. Jill Cochran (Staff, Trustee)
  • Mr. William Davis
  • Mr. Neil Davidson (AL 1970)
  • Mrs. Fonda Elliott
  • Dr. Justin Fitzpatrick (MI 1997)
  • Dr. Thomas Fleming (MI 1996)
  • Ms. Aspen Gillam Young (AK 2002)
  • Mr. Zane Gresham (FL 1966)
  • Mr. Franklin Gurnee (MI 1967)
  • Dr. David and Mrs. Deb Hackleman (OR 1969, Trustee)
  • Dr. Samuel Hensley (WV 1971, Presenter) and Dr. Elizabeth Hensley (Presenter)
  • Mr. David Hunt (WV 1976)
  • Dr. P. Johnston (WY 1977)
  • Dr. Melanie Kitzan (ND 1991, Trustee)
  • Dr. Terran Lane (KY 1990)
  • Dr. and Mrs. M.R. Louthan (Trustee)
  • Mrs. Callen McJunkin
  • Mr. Howard O’Brien (WA 1967)
  • Judge Ronald Pearson (Trustee) and Mrs. Beth High
  • Mr. Josh Peters (LA 1999) and Ms. Erin Richardson (Staff)
  • Ms. Nina Peyton
  • Mr. Peter Ricci (OH 1995)
  • Dr. Julie Robinson (ID 1985)
  • Senator and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller IV
  • Dr. Allen Schaeffer (WV 1966)
  • Mr. David Sitter (ND 1978)
  • Mr. Don and Mrs. Katy Smith (Staff)
  • Dr. Todd Stolzberg (MA 1973)
  • Mr. Michael Wehrle
  • Mr. Steve Wehrle

$500 or more

  • Ms. Tressa Allington (IA 2000)
  • Dr. Andrew N. Blackwood and Mrs. Holly M. Blackwood
  • Mr. Jeffrey Bluestone
  • Dr. Kathyrn Burgess (CT 1979) and Dr. Jeff Burgess
  • Dr. Melissa Chen Myhre (NE 1992)
  • Mr. Robin Chin (NV 1985)
  • Mr. Allan Daly (Staff)
  • Mr. Adam Franks
  • Dr. David Jones (VT 1970)
  • Mr. Kaye Kawahara (HI 1978)
  • Mr. Xaysana Khamsyvoravong (RI 1994)
  • Dr. Roland Lee (CA 1971)
  • Mr. Stephen Lord (CT 1965)
  • Ms. Stephanie Loutzenhiser (CO 1991)
  • Dr. Benjamin Marchello (MT 1965)
  • Dr. Brittain and Judy McJunkin
  • Ms. Barbara McManus (VA 1993)
  • Ms. Kiona Meade (AZ 2008)
  • Dr. Robert Mecham (UT 1966)
  • Dr. Joseph L. Morris
  • Dr. Robert Mecham (UT 1966)
  • Mr. David Nelson (UT 1970)
  • Mrs. Laura Norris (OR 1982)
  • Ms. Kathryn Petroulis Kiplinger (ME 1975)
  • Mr. Greg Pitter (NV 1992)
  • Ms. Fran Poodry (NY 1988)
  • Mr. Dustin Rewinkle (NE 2001)
  • Dan and Kathleen Shafer
  • Mr. David Sitter (ND 1978) and Mrs. Laura Sitter (MD 1978)
  • Mr. Michael Stark (MO 1984)
  • Dr. Michael Sweet (AK 1976)

$200 or more

  • Mr. Paul Anderson (NM 1969)
  • Mr. Lee Aydelotte (CA 1974)
  • Mr. John Barnes (MI 1967)
  • Dr. Steven Bernasek (KS 1967)
  • Mrs. Jennifer Blankenhorn-Steinhauser (TX 1975)
  • Dr. Margaret Brandt (WI 1976)
  • Dr. David Brock (DE 1968)
  • Dr. Timothy Brown (CO 1969)
  • Dr. Alan Burnham (IA 1968)
  • Dr. Claire Carswell (SC 1982)
  • Ms. Janice Chen (WA 2002)
  • Dr. Charles Clevenger (MN 1978)
  • Dr. Curtis Clifton (IA 1988)
  • Dr. Scott Collins (NV 1979)
  • Mr. David Coomber (VA 1964)
  • Mr. James Crook (OR 1987)
  • Mr. David Dalnodar (NJ 1976)
  • Dr. Michael DeKay (MS 1981)
  • Dr. Richard Douglas (AZ 1970)
  • Mr. Daniel Dunn (NE 1979)
  • Dr. William Ehrhardt (NJ 1964)
  • Mr. John and Claude Elk (Staff)
  • Ms. Jessica Eng (NY 2001)
  • Mr. David Fuji (ID 1979)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Galloway (WI 1994)
  • Dr. David Hardin (KY 1978)
  • Ms. Asma Hasan in memory of Omar Ahmad (FL 1982)
  • Mr. Jim Haught
  • Mrs. Susan Haupt
  • Dr. Daniel Hunt (MD 1974)
  • Mrs. Paige Johnson
  • Mrs. Pamela Kadakia (OH 1991)
  • Charles and Barbara Kolpin
  • Dr. Rahul Kuver (MI 1979)
  • Dr. Grace Lin (MI 1993)
  • Ms. Nancy Lince
  • Mr. David Masunaga (HI 1975)
  • Dr. Dennis McGuire (WA 1964)
  • Mr. Richard McManus
  • Ms. Susanne Muhly (VA 1990)
  • Mr. Harsh Patolia (VA 2012)
  • Mrs. Ruth Peyton
  • Dr. Robert Poirier (RI 1990)
  • Mr. George Putnam (VT 1973)
  • Mr. Paul Robinson (ND 1976)
  • Mr. Dennis Schatz (CO 1965)
  • Dr. Michael Schreck (WV 2001)
  • Dr. David Soldan (KS 1965)
  • Mr. Curtis Stratman (MO 1997)
  • Ms. Erica Umback (SD 1990)
  • Mrs. Marjorie Varner (TX 1979)
  • Mrs. Cinda Voegtli (LA 1977)
  • Mr. William Wester (MO 1984)
  • Mr. Dean Westman (DE 1976)
  • Mrs. Laura Williams (IN 1984)
  • Dr. James Wilson (MS 1968)

$150 or more

  • Mr. Eugene Babji (CT 1966)
  • Mr. Nathaniel Cady (VT 1995)
  • Mr. Joe Caldwell
  • Mrs. Nikki Clemente (MA 1993)
  • Dr. Michael Downer (NY 1972)
  • Mr. John Giroir (LA 1989)
  • Dr. Donald Irwin (IA 1964)
  • Ralph Maloney
  • Ms. Muriel McLean-Roberson (NC 1982)
  • Mr. Jerry Mills (NC 1967)
  • Mr. J. Rhymes (LA 1971)
  • Mr. Wayne Saxton (IN 1976)
  • Dr. Alan Slutsky (DE 1970)
  • Dr. Bruce Stanton (AK 1972)
  • Dr. Brady Vick (ND 1964)
  • Ms. Julie Wentworth (RI 1994)

Less than $150

Ms Delaney Ahrens FL 2013 |Mr R. Ruffner Alexander   |Mr Tim Anderson NM 1990 |Dr Elizabeth Appel GA 1979 |Mr Jeffrey Atkinson WV 2008 |Mr Mark Augenblick    |Juan Badilla Rojas CR 2014 |Dr Jay Baltisberger ND 1985 |Dr Clark Barrett UT 1989 |Ms Julie Barrios LA 2010 |Mr Robert Baumel NY 1964 |Mrs Rebecca Bayless IN 1987 |Mr Jeff Beck MT 1966 |Mr John Belcher CO 1967 |Ms Leslie Belloso MD 1992 |Dr Sarah Bennett MD 1998 |Mr Tyler Benton CO 2005 |Dr Richard Berg KS 1964 |Mr Chuck Bibbee   |Mr. and Mrs Scott and Denise Bicknell   |Ms. and Mr Jane and Ryan Bicknell   |Mr John Bicknell   |Ms.   Katie Bidne NE 2011 |Mr Nathan Bigelow ID 2002 |Dr Duane Bindschadler WY 1979 |Dr Gordon Bird NY 1963 |Dr Jo Blackwood  |Mr Carl Blesch WI 1970 |Mr Mark Blevins WV 1972 |Mr James Blodgett VT 1968 |Mr Kevin Bogle OK 2001 |Ms. Alyssa Borowske VT 2003 |Ms Darcie Boschee ND 1987 |Ms. or Mr Rebecca or Donnie Boswell   |Ms Colleen Boudreau   |Mr Charles Bracken WV 1994 |Mrs Judith Bradford   |Mr Eric Breck MI 1994 |Mr John Breig RI 1969 |Mr Rutt Bridges GA 1969 |Mr Leland Bristol VT 1965 |Ms Christa Brown Snyder NH 1991 |Dr Laura Brunsen IA 1988 |Mr Bill Bryant ME 1972 |Mr Benjamin Bucior NC 2009 |Mr Gary Buffington NM 1988 |Dr Ronald Burns SC 1968 |Mr Doren Burrell   1979 |Ms Cary Busby KS 1991 |Mr Gary Bushko PA 1969 |Mr Robert Bushkoff CO 1965 |Mr Karl Byleen NE 1967 |Mr Gat Caperton  |Dr William Carter   |Dr Thomas Casperson ND 1967 |Dr James Caudill WV 1972 |Ms Angela Cavender   1994 |Ms Priyanka Chablani PA 2004 |Dr Teresa Cheng CA 1978 |Ms Jiaqi Cheng AL 2014 |Ms Haley Chenot TN 2014 |Ms Elizabeth Chilton   |Mr Alexander Chin CA 2004 |Mr Christopher Chopping WY 2002 |Ms Kara Christensen SC 2007 |Ms Crystal Chu VT 2014 |Mr Ryan Chung IN 2014 |Mr Stephen Cito MI 1972 |Ms Tara Clancy CO 2005 |Mr Michael Clark MO 1978 |Mr Michael Cliburn KY 1965 |Mr Anthony Clinch MT 1977 |Mr. Anthony Coiro IN 2008 |Dr Talis Colberg AK 1976 |Mr Bill Conner AR 1977 |Mr Michael Conroy CT 2005 |Ms Julie Cook IL 1987 |Mr Eduardo Corona Mexico 2002 |Mr David Cossey LA 2004 |Ms Jill Craven AZ 2003 |Dr James Culberson   1977 |Mr Roy Culpepper AL 1965 |Mr. James Cunningham   |Ms Kimberly Dauber IL 2014 |Mr Michael Davis SD 1963 |Mr John Davis SC 1974 |Ms Rachel Day IN 2004 |Ms Jenny Dehne Finney MO 1994 |Dr Craig Deibele WI 1986 |Mr Quinn Del Val ND 2014 |Mr Stephen DeVience IL 2005 |Mr Sidharth Dhawan OR 2012 |Mrs Marlene Dial   |Mr Kip Dopp WY 1970 |Ms Athanasios Dousis TX 1995 |Ms Madeleine Duarte WV 2010 |Mr Michael Dybel IN 1964 |Mrs Jill Eash Marple NM 1977 |Mr Charles Eckman DE 1966 |Dr Mark Ediger KS 1975 |Dr Tamara Ehlert WI 1976 |Mr Nicholas Elder MS 2014 |Ms Judy Engibous LA 1981 |Mr Charles Engles AR 1965 |Ms Lisa Entman NJ 1979 |Dr James Ernstmeyer NY 1980 |Mr. and Ms Mike and Brenda Etheredge   |Mr Robert Evans OK 1974 |Ms Alyssa Evans AR 2009 |Ms Pamela Fairbank   |Dr R Farris NE 1972 |Mr Michael Feffer PA 2014 |Mrs Joan Fernandez IL 1979 |Dr Bruce Filgate VT 1967 |Ms Mary Fleming TN 1996 |Mr Roger Ford VT 1971 |Dr Dan Foster   |Mr. and Mrs David and Lorie Fox   |Dr Molly Freeman ND 1994 |Mr David Freitag NH 1981 |Mr Gregory Friedman NJ 2000 |Dr Alyson Gabbard Wilson WV 1985 |Ms Gabriela Galicia MX 2014 |Mr. Mr Hari Ganti MN 2011 |Ms Erica Gardner MI 2014 |Dr Henry Garrett NM 1966 |Mr Anjik Ghosh NM 2014 |Dr Robert Gibbs KS 1990 |Ms Emily Gifford NY 2014 |Dr Jerome Gilbert MS 1973 |Mr John Gillean AR 1969 |Dr Robert Gillette MS 1964 |Dr Michael Glasgow TN 1984 |Mr Andrew Godfrey UT 2000 |Dr Carolyn Goh OH 1997 |Dr Barbara Gonzales AR 1988 |Dr Daniel Goodenberger NE 1966 |Mrs Kimberly Lou Goodnight NV 1998 |Mr Elijah Goodwin MA 1992 |Mr Adam Gottsch NE 2005 |Mr Eric Gravengaard CT 1993 |Dr Jeffrey Green PA 1972 |Dr Jeffrey Greenwood VA 1971 |Dr Julie Grinstead FL 1992 |Dr David Groisser NY 1974 |Mr Richard Guerra IL 1996 |Dr Alfredo Guevara TX 1970 |Ms Kathleen Guise NV 1988 |Ms Amanda Gumbert KY 1994 |Ms Jayleen Guttromson-Johnson ND 2000 |Ms Sarah Hackman MO 2004 |Dr Douglas Hamill WA 1972 |Mr Charles Harb DE 1971 |Dr Heidi Harkins ME 1982 |Mrs Silvia Harper NH 1982 |Mrs Shelia Harris LA 1979 |Dr Cindy Harris TN 1992 |Mr Michael Hartinger NH 2002 |Dr Adam Hartman IL 1985 |Mr David Hartman NC 1986 |Mr Robb Harvey TN 1978 |Ms Beatrice Hawkins   |Ms Andrea Hawksley MI 2003 |Mr Alijah Hawley WA 2014 |Ms Andrea Hays NE 1993 |Ms Mingzhu He IL 2004 |Mr Kenneth Heidkamp CT 1972 |Ms Kirsten Helleson WA 2000 |Dr Robert Hempton CA 1966 |Dr Kevin Hennegan CO 1992 |Ms Catherine Herzog MI 2004 |Dr Steven Hetts / Gloria Hwang CA 1992 |Ms Stacy Heuer IN 1984 |Ms Tiffany Hodge IN 1998 |Mr Gerard Hogan MD 1992 |Mr Larson Hogstrom VT 2005 |Dr Jeffrey Holmes IN 1985 |Mrs Stephanie Hoover Scheffler NE 1975 |Ms. Debra Houlden-Engvall   |Ms Damin Huang TN 2007 |Mr James Huffman DE 1973 |Stevi Huggins   |Dr Steven Hunt MD 1976 |Dr Alan Hurd CO 1972 |Ms Amy Huynh IA 2014 |Mr Teva Ilan GA 2014 |Ms Katherine Inderbitzen NH 1998 |Mrs Jessica Ipnar Kessler DE 1998 |Mr Matthew Jachowski HI 2003 |Lucia James   |Mr Jade Jauquet CO 2007 |Mr Sigurd Johansen NM 1971 |Mr Daniel Johnson SD 1965 |Mr Gail Johnson NE 1970 |Dr Lester Johnson ME 1982 |Mr Carl Johnson OR 1982 |Dr Patricia Johnston McNussen   WY 1975 |Mr Gail Jordan IA 1969 |Mr Gregory Jordan CT 2003 |Mr Nicholas Joslyn KS 2014 |Dr Beth Junker PA 1980 |Ms Lorraine Kainuma HI 1976 |Ms Kathi Kapell OH 1976 |Mr Christopher Karras SD 1975 |Dr Sheldon Katz NY 1973 |Chalice Keith MO 2014 |Ms Sharon Kelley DE 1988 |Mr Eddie Kempe TX 1990 |Ms Sarah Kernasovskiy   |Mr David Kimport WY 1964 |Mrs Kirsten Kinegak-Friday AK 2000 |Ms Beth Kinne VT 1991 |Dr Edward Kirby KY 1963 |Dr John Klemme IN 1969 |Deborah Klimek   |Dr John Kobza WA 1977 |Lisa Kong   PA 2014 |Ms Lisa Korslund GA 1976 |Mr James Koval WV 2007 |Terri Kovalski   |Ms Nancy Kozanecki Dietrich IL 1986 |Dr Susan Krizek MD 1985 |Mr Joseph Krupp OH 1967 |Mr James Kuhn IA 1963 |Dr John Kulig RI 1967 |Parker Kurlander DE 2014 |Mr Richard Laforge CT 1963 |Ms Kaitlin LaFrance CT 2009 |Mr Peter Lamb AK 1999 |Mr John Lamy MO 1964 |Dr Thomas Langen IN 1980 |Mr Thomas Larson WV 1967 |Ms Michelle LaRue SD 1985 |Dr Ben Lazarus PA 1971 |John and Amy Ledeaux   |Mr Kirby Lee IN 1993 |Dr Rebecca Lehotzky MI 2000 |Ding-Hwa and Mei-Hsung Lei   |Ms Xiaowen Li ND 2005 |Dr Wilson Liao OH 1994 |Dr Kenneth Libbrecht ND 1976 |Mr Mark Lichtenstein NY 1966 |Mr Walter Lichtenstein NY 1968 |Dr Mark Listemann KY 1977 |Dr Andrew Liu TN 1982 |Ms Jackelyn López Roshwalb MD 2005 |Mr Nolan Love NH 1991 |Mr Charles Love   |Mrs Janell Lovelace MO 1986 |Ms Ellen Lu AR 1991 |Dr Fred Lui ID 1972 |Mr Steven Luperchio CT 1991 |Mrs Annette Lynch WY 1984 |Dr Rajneesh Madhok ND 1977 |Mr Liwen Mah CA 1989 |Ms Chelsea Maher AL 2010 |Paul Marchando CO 2014 |Mr Joseph Maruca NJ 1963 |Emma Mathers   WV 2014 |Mr Andrew Matteson TX 2004 |Mr Bela Matyas CA 1977 |Dr Harold McAlister TN 1967 |Evan McCoy   DE 2014 |Mr Brett McDavid   |Ms Brenna McDonough MD 1984 |Ms Liz McDowell   |Mr James McKowen WV 1974 |Mr Scott McMurry AL 1993 |Mrs Kristen McRae Fowler MS 1993 |Dr Robert Mercer NM 1964 |Ms Alyssa Milano NH 2007 |Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Betsy Miller WY 1987 |Mr Andrew Mitchell AR 2008 |Ms Mary Moertl Couture NE 2005 |Mr Louis Monoyudis NV 1994 |Mr Alexander Mora ME 2006 |Dr Melvin Moriwaki HI 1970 |Mr David Mosley AZ 1968 |Ms Erin Moulding UT 2005 |Ms Dianne Muhly   |Mr Patrick Murata HI 1964 |Mr Steven Mushero ME 1984 |Mr Kirk Myers MN 1995 |Mr Thomas Nace MD 1967 |Dr Edmund Nagem LA 1965 |Ms Anna Nagreen   |Ms Lisa Nakama HI 1991 |Ms Jennifer Nan OK 2004 |Ms Tamera Nelson SD 1982 |Dr. Harold Nevill ID 1974 |Mr Basil Newburn WI 2001 |Dr Gary Newcomer MO 1975 |Dr Martha Nichols SC 1975 |Hayley Nichols AK 2014 |Mr Glen Nielson ID 1967 |Mr Wade Nishimoto HI 1976 |Mr Tom Northrup    |Dr Victoria Norwood Kahler TN 1977 |Ms Shirley O’Neil   |Patrick O’Neil ID 2014 |Mrs (Lea) Carol Owen TN 1979 |Mr Mark Padrnos NE 1985 |Ms Marianne Paker WI 1978 |Ms Tifne Pals IA 1995 |Ms Kristen Parks Smith ME 1998 |Mrs Katherine Pearson MA 1993 |Mr Raleigh Perry NC 1973 |Dr Catherine Perry-Sullivan SD 1987 |Dr Ray Peterson WY 1976 |Brexton Pham   GA 2014 |Kim Phillip   WI 2014 |Mr Keith Pickens TX 1973 |Dr Richard Platt DE 1964 |Dr Daniel Potts MT 1996 |Mr Thomas Povsic OH 1982 |Ms Emily Powell NM 2007 |Mr Nelson Pratt KS 2001 |Mr William Pribyl TX 1979 |Ms Dawn Pribyl CO 1994 |Ms Meredith Protas CA 1995 |Mr William Quinn NJ 1967 |Dr Mark Radomski FL 1965 |Ms Cynthia Raetz Nelson NV 1978 |Ms Sarah Rahkola OR 1994 |Mr Shiva Rajagopal NV 2011 |Dr Walt Ramsey   |Ms Nelle Ratrie Chilton   |Jacob Reeves   SD 2014 |Dr John Reinert-Nash NY 1987 |Tracy Reisinger   |Dr Karen Remsberg VA 1989 |Dr John Rhodes FL 1972 |Mr John Richards KS 2002 |Lt. Col (Ret) Gene Riggs   |Fr Robert Ring DE 1972 |Dr Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer OH 1982 |Dr Don Ristroph LA 1972 |Mr D Rivers MS 1967 |Mr Kerry Rodgers TX 1981 |Paulo Rodríguez López MX 2014 |Dr Rebecca Roesner OH 1988 |Ms Katherine Rogers WY 2004 |Dr Kenneth Rosenzweig NY 1984 |Dr Stephen Roth MT 1976 |Dr Katherine Roth Guyon NC 1981 |Dr Jennifer Rotonda NJ 1981 |Mrs Angela Rova White CA 1989 |Mr Atron Rowe NC 1979 |Dr Michael Ruhoy NY 1982 |Mr Alexander Ryu MN 2007 |Dr James Sabetta RI 1971 |Dr John Sacha AZ 1972 |Dr Patricia Saleeby Welch PA 1988 |Mr Marc Sanchez-Walker NM 2002 |Dr Tor Sandven ID 1997 |Dr Clinton Sanford WA 1965 |Kari Sanford   AZ 2014 |Mr Mark Sapsford KY 1975 |Ms Erin Sauer OH 2002 |Ms Melissa Saunders   |Courtney Scasta   |Mr Edwin Schaeffer KY 1976 |Ms Paula Schaffer CA 2001 |Dr Arlin Schieve ND 1970 |Dr Keith Schneider MO 1990 |Mr Kevin Schreck   2007 |Ms Julie Schreck Wilson WV 1999 |Mr Bruce Schupler FL 1971 |Ms Indigo Scott IA 2010 |Joe or Alice Scott   |Ms Katharine Sedivy-Haley RI 2008 |Mr Andy Sensing TN 1970 |Ms Holly Sewell CO 2004 |Mr Maulik Shah PA 1991 |Mr Joshua Sheldon PA 1991 |Mr Bill Shen CA 1994 |Dr Randy Sibbitt NM 1972 |Ms Anne Ray Silbernagel   |Melody Simpson   |Mr Herchiel Sims   |Mrs Laura Sitter MD 1978 |Ms Kim Smith Voss LA 1975 |Mr Anthony Smithson AL 1976 |Mr Stephen Snider IL 2005 |Dr Wendy Solomon Sanger NJ 1990 |Mr Norman Sousa CT 1967 |Dr Jennifer Souza RI 1991 |Ms Catherine Speake MT 1997 |Mr Scott Spencer OH 2000 |Mr Lawrence Stanley GA 1965 |Dr Paul Steinhardt FL 1970 |Dr Thomas Steinmeier IN 1965 |Ms Kylie Stevens NV 2009 |Ms Mary Stoddard VA 2004 |Sara Suarez   EC 2014 |Dr Barbara Suhay     |Mr David Sung AK 1978 |Boston Swan   UT 2014 |Mr Tyler Swenson ND 2009 |Eleanor Sylvestro   |Mr Robert Taft   1980 |Dr Robin Takata HI 1977 |Mr Christopher Taylor WV 1991 |Ms Jennifer Taylor AL 2006 |Ms Karen Thickman CT 1994 |Mr Glenn Thrope CT 2004 |Maria Ticona Oquendo ARG 2014 |Mr. and Mrs Thomas and Rebecca Tinder   |Francisco Trujillo ARG 2014 |Anna Tsai   DC 2014 |Mr Chris Tscharner SD 1978 |Dr Brian Tucholke SD 1964 |Mrs Sara Tucker IA 1985 |Ms Cindy Turco    |Mr Tony Tzeng LA 2009 |Mr Franz Ulrich MN 1971 |Dr Joe Vandepeute CO 1963 |Dr Mark Vaughan CA 1987 |Mr Donald Vendetti CO 1975 |Mr David Villanueva DE 1979 |Ms Erin Vining Mueller ND 1992 |Mr Alan Voliva IN 1979 |Ms Jessica Waite VT 2001 |Dr Frederick Walker OH 1964 |Dr Dale Walker ME 1970 |Mr Steve   Walker   |Dr Mark Wallace NV 1963 |Mr Robert Ward SC 1963 |Mr Gregory Warot MA 2004 |Yuxiao Wei   UT 2014 |Dr Byron Welch TX 1976 |Mr Jon Wellinghoff NV 1967 |Mr David Welter NM 1973 |Ms Maggie Wenger SD 2003 |Mrs Charlotte Westmoreland NC 1984 |Mr Wendell Whetstone   |Dr Steve Wickert OH 1984 |Dr. Geoffrey Wilkes WI 1999 |Brittany Williams NC 2014 |Dr John Wilson OR 1997 |Ms Allison Wilson-Franck IA 2006 |Mr James Winckler IA 1980 |Mr Titus Woo MO 2012 |Ms Nancy Worsham NC 1979 |Dr Ernest Wu TN 1978 |Ms Dorothy Wu CA 1994 |Daniel Wu   MI 2014 |Ms Lynda Yang Talton WV 2004 |Dr Karen Yee MD 1987 |Ms Ping Yeh MD 2009 |Mr Robert Young   |Ms. Alana Yurkanin HI 2005 |Ms Amy Zeigler (Crout) KY 1993 |Dr Michael Zeilik CT 1964 |Mr Konstantin Zsigo MI 1984 |

NYSC Lecture Sponsors

Lecturer Title / Topic Sponsored By
Dr. Douglas Brash, Yale School of Medicine UV Light and Skin Cancer Joseph L. Morris
Dr. Nate Cady (VT 1995), The University at Albany Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Don and Katy Smith
Dr. Stephen Chang, New York Stem Cell Foundation Stem Cells Ann Starcher
Mr. Allan Daly Solar Power, Tropical Medicine, and International Intrigue Drs. Jeff and Kathy (Hoy) Burgess (CT 1979)
Dr. David Hackleman (OR 1969), Hewlett-Packard (ret) Extraction of Essential Oils The Heller Family in memory of Omar Ahmad (FL 1982)
Dr. Mac Louthan, Savannah River National Laboratory (ret) Why Stuff Falls Apart Kiona Meade (AZ 2008)
Dr. Zoon Nguyen (WA 1979), Mansfield Radiation Oncology Quantum Entanglement Dr. Brittain and Mrs. Judith H. McJunkin
Dr. Julie Robinson (ID 1985), NASA International Space Station NYSC Class of 1985
Dr. Michael Schreck (WV 2001), The Analysis Group Economics, Causality, and Endogeneity of (Almost) Everything Dwight Foley
Dr. Earl Scime, West Virginia University Physics Application Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Jim Tucker, NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center Space Archaeology Dr. Stephen Damiani (WI 1975)
Dr. Alyson Wilson (WV 1985), North Carolina State University Statistics and Big Science The Schreck Family in memory of Richard E. Wilkes

NYSC Delegate / State Sponsors

State Delegate Sponsored By
West Virginia Madeline Duarte Callen McJunkin
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