Congratulations Tahía Arruez Rodriguez

Tahía Arruez Rodriguez - Chile
Tahía Arruez Rodriguez – Chile

Tahía Arruez Rodriguez

City:  La Florida, Santiago
School:  Colegio San Juan de las Condes
College Plans:  Undecided
Major:  Physics
Professional Plans: Astrophysicist

Honors:  Bayer Kimlu 2019 (Chilean Science Camp), medallist at several diving competitions at National and International level, National Astronomy Olympics 2018

Activities:  Student Government, aerial acrobatics, aerial hoop, hand to hand, dance, contortion

In addition, Tahía enjoys camping, traveling, reading, gardening, baking, astronomy, physics, programming and languages.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the 2019 National Youth Science Camp, Tahía!