Dr. Rahul Gupta

Trustee Dr. Rahul Gupta to be VP at March of Dimes

National Youth Science Foundation trustee and state health officer, Dr. Rahul Gupta will become senior vice president and chief medical and health officer for the March of Dimes in Washington, D.C. Dr. Gupta has been Commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’s Bureau for Public Health and State Health Officer since January…

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Park Foundation Supports the NYSCenter

The National Youth Science Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received a generous $1 million donation from the Park Foundation established by Ray Park (Park Corporation) to support the development of the National Youth Science Center. Ray Park appreciates the potential of the NYSCenter and programs like the National Youth Science Camp to…

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Rocks and ladders: NYSCamp delegates scaling new heights

BARTOW – Steve Blasberg used a projector on top of a picnic table. He carried three pens in his pocket. One was red. He is a teacher. A white-bearded and bespectacled mathematician, Blasberg described how to use math to predict a person’s chances of dominant or recessive genetic traits, like hair or eye color. He…

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2018 NYSCamp reflects on 4th of July

Independence Day holds different meanings to various people, and delegates had a chance to share their traditions with each other at NYSCamp. The morning started with delegates collecting their state flags and presenting them before the American flag was raised with the playing of the National Anthem. The delegates ended the evening by reflecting on…

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Overnighter 1: Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

The morning started like most others, but delegates were both anxious and excited about the day ahead. The previous night, the delegates chose where to go for their first overnight camping trip, referred to as an overnighter, and received backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and informational talks about basic skills needed for their trip. Today the…

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The First Day of NYSCamp: Opening the Minds of 2018 Delegates

The first full day of National Youth Science Camp 2018, and Olivia Gotte is already expanding the way she thinks about her plans.    Gotte, a delegate from Louisiana, enjoyed debate in high school, although she came to Camp Pocahontas with intentions to pursue biology and become a radiologist. “I never thought being able to…

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2018 NYSCamp Delegate Fly In at Yeager Airport

The baggage claim of a tiny airport in Charleston, West Virginia turned into a welcome area for more than 100 young people from every state and around the world on Wednesday. Picture towering stacks of pizza boxes, about 20 greeters dressed to impress, and big signs waiting for them: “Welcome 2018 Delegates National Youth Science Camp.” Recent…

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Media Alert: 55th NYSCamp delegates fly into Yeager

MEDIA ALERT WHO: 107 highly-accomplished recent high school graduates from around the county and other areas of the world, who’ve gone through a highly competitive selection process to participate in this year’s National Youth Science Camp in Pocahontas County. These future STEM leaders are selected on merit, based on their achievements, with the program provided…

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NYSCamp Director

Our National Youth Science Camp Director, John Giroir, has resigned to address a health condition, effectively immediately. John has appropriately decided that the requirements of this position are incompatible with his current priorities. Dr. Andrew Blackwood will serve as director of the 2018 NYSCamp. Dr. Blackwood has been an employee of the NYSF since 2001…

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2018 National Youth Science Camp News Page

To keep up with 2018 National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp) in the News, please go to the following: 2018 NYSCamp News You can also see the 2018 NYSCamp Blog at: 2018 NYSCamp Blog If you come across an article about the National Youth Science Camp that is not listed, please email  

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