Dr. Mike Elsbury

Dr. Mike Elsbury To Unlock Mysteries of Aether In Directed Study on Radio Frequency Engineering

Dr. Mike Elsbury, 1999 delegate to NYSC from Idaho and currently a senior electrical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories, will present a directed study at NYSC July-8-10 entitled, “Unlocking the Mysteries of the Aether: Radio Frequency Engineering.” During the directed study, delegates will explore major concepts of electromagnetic waves and propagation as they study the…

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Dr. Rick Walker

Dr. Rick Walker to Lecture At 2013 Science Camp

Dr. Rick Walker, 1964 delegate to NYSC from Ohio, will present, “Why We Will Never Find a Cure for Cancer and Why We Do Not Want To” at 9:15 a.m., June 30 at NYSC. As a retired breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Walker hopes to share his 40-year experience in both a formal lecture and through…

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Mr. Greg Pitter

Mr. Greg Pitter To Conduct Directed Study On What a Successful Scientist Needs

Mr. Greg Pitter, 1992 delegate to NYSF from Nevada and currently IT Director at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, will conduct a directed study June 28-30 at NYSC entitled, “What a Successful Scientist Needs (Except the Science Part). “Organizational politics and harsh business realities have always been the bane of scientists, doctors,…

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Brian Tucholke

Dr. Brian Tucholke To Lead Directed Study On Geological Evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean

Dr. Brian Tucholke, 1964 delegate to NYSC from South Dakota and scientist emeritus at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA, will lead a directed study on the geological evolution of the North Atlantic Ocean, June 28-30, at NYSC. Plate tectonics theory as developed over the past four-five decades has been a powerful…

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Dr. Julie Robinson, Chief Scientist, International Space Station Program
To Present at 2013 NYSC

Dr. Julie Robinson, a 1985 delegate to NYSC from Idaho, and chief scientist of the International Space Station Program at NASA will present “Eureka on the International Space Station” at 9:15 a.m., July 5, at NYSC. Dr. Robinson said that scientists are trained to be observers, but “we are just as vulnerable as anyone else…

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NYSC 50th Anniversary Reunion

Fifty years ago, the West Virginia Centennial Commission developed plans to host 100 students from across the United States at the National Youth Science Camp. Initially planned to be a one-time event, the NYSC proved to be so successful that it continues to honor and challenge delegates to this day. The National Youth Science Foundation and the National Youth Science…

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National Youth Science Camp 2012 – Valeria Sanz, Bolivia

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Whitewater – From the Archives

Florian Gerlach (Germany) paddles his kayak on the New River during National Youth Science Camp 2009. Kayaking at NYSC is facilitated through the volunteer efforts of  the West Virginia Wildwater Association, an organization devoted to safely paddling the wild and scenic rivers of West Virginia. Their assistance allows delegates to explore some of the most beautiful sections of the…

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Delegate Reflections – Jingyuan “Jenny” Zhang

MOMENTS IN TIME: The summer before MIT Learning science “Mens et Manus” at the National Youth Science Camp We often hear about the summer after high school, of those warm days shrouded in familiarity before the thrilling independence of college. After graduation, I promised myself to make the most of this last summer, to try…

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Solution – From the Archives

Delegate Joe Killian (CT 1981) demonstrates a Rubik’s Cube at National Youth Science Camp 1981. Since it’s wide release in the United States in 1980, the Rubik’s Cube has been a frequent visitor and facet of camp life. From the Archives is a reoccurring post that dives back into the archives of National Youth Science…

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