Cuong Do (OK 1984)

NYSCamp Alumnus of the Year 2018 – Cuong Do, OK 1984

The National Youth Science Foundation recognizes Cuong Do as the 2018 National Youth Science Camp Alumnus of the Year! The NYSF will host a Speaking Engagement on November 1, 2018 from 12:00 to 1:00PM at the Clay Center, Walker Theatre located in Charleston, West Virginia. Cuong will be speaking on topics of Artificial Intelligences, Cell…

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David Serate

Congratulations, David Serate!

David William Serate Nevada City:  Reno School:  The Davidson Academy of Nevada College Plans:  Champlain College Major:  Computer Networking and Cybersecurity Professional Plans:  Penetration Tester at Cybersecurity Firm Honors:  AP Scholar, Eagle Scout Activities:  Student Government, Scouts, Kung Fu David also enjoys biking, camping, hiking, playing video games and Whipmaking. He would be willing to teach…

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Marisa Dobbins

Congratulations, Marisa Dobbins!

Marisa Julia Dobbins New Hampshire City:  Henniker School:  John Stark Regional High School College Plans:  Boston University Major:  Health Sciences Professional Plans: Undecided Honors:  Valedictorian, National Honor Society, Graduating with honors, AP Scholar Activities:  Basketball, Field Hockey, Basketball Coach for youth team, Amnesty International, Quiz Bowl, DECA, Photography Club, Spanish Honors Society In addition, Marisa enjoys photography,…

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Anna Sitzman

Congratulations, Anna Kay Sitzman!

Anna Kay (Katherine) Sitzman Nebraska City:  Omaha School:  Omaha North High Magnet School College Plans:  Loyola University Major:  Environmental Studies Professional Plans:  Lobbyist Honors:  Graduating with honors, National Honor Society, Girl’s State Activities:  Band, Swimming, Church Activities Anna Kay also enjoys biking, hiking, watching movies, listening to music, playing all types of sports and traveling. We are…

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Mackenzie Gibbs

Congratulations, Mackenzie Gibbs!

Mackenzie Mae Gibbs Colorado City:  Ouray School:  Ouray Senior High School College Plans:  Rhodes College Major:  Physics Professional Plans:  Undecided Honors:  Salutatorian, Graduating with honors, AP Scholar Activities:  Band, Choir, Drama, Speech and Debate, Student Government, Cross Country, Swimming, Piano Lessons Mackenzie also enjoys biking, traveling, camping, backpacking and hiking. She also likes playing cards, knitting, reading…

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James Higgins

Congratulations, James Higgins!

James “Jamie” Michael Higgins West Virginia City:  Beaver School:  Shady Spring High School College Plans:  West Virginia University Major:  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professional Plans:  Software Engineer Honors:  Valedictorian, AP Scholar, National Merit Finalist, Graduating with honors, National Honor Society, Governor’s School Activities: Key Club, Soccer Jamie also enjoys playing all types of sports, video games,…

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Gwendolyn Tsai

Congratulations, Gwendolyn Tsai!

Gwendolyn “Gwen” Louise Tsai District of Columbia City:  Washington School:  Wilson Senior High School College Plans:  Johns Hopkins University Major:  Engineering Professional Plans:  Undecided Honors:  AP Scholar, Graduating with honors, National Honor Society Activities: Swimming Gwen also enjoys biking, hiking, listening to music, all types of sports and traveling. We look forward to meeting you at the…

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Grace Moore

Congratulations, Grace Moore!

Grace Elizabeth Moore Indiana City:  Seymour School:  Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities College Plans:  George Washington University Major:  Chemistry Professional Plans:  Forensic Toxicologist Honors:  National Honor Society Activities: Band Grace also enjoys knitting, running, biking and bullet journaling. She is an avid music lover who plays ukulele, alto saxophone, and guitar. We are looking…

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Mercedes Thompson

Congratulations, Mercedes Thompson!

Mercedes “Sadie” Helen Thompson Maryland City:  Baltimore School:  Baltimore Polytechnic Institute College:  Stanford University Major:  Environmental Science & Biology Professional Plans:  MD/PhD Honors:  Graduating with honors, AP Scholar Activities:  Swimming Sadie enjoys running, biking, hiking and camping. She likes to play cards, crocheting and knitting, gardening, reading, traveling and advocacy. While at camp this summer, Sadie would…

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Joseph Davis

Congratulations, Joseph Davis!

Joseph “Jo” Erick Davis New Mexico City:  Hanover School:  Aldo Leopold High School College Plans:  Western New Mexico University Major:  Nursing Professional Plans:  Registered Nurse Honors:  Boy’s State Activities:  Student Government Jo also enjoys traveling, camping, hiking and kayaking. He also likes playing cards, chess and video games. Additionally, Jo knits, watches movies, listens to music…

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